Volume and Trifecta Direct

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​Efficient volume shipping

Our volume shipment options fill the gap between LTL and Truckload. We offer discounted rates on shipments of six skids or more, as well as anything taking up over 12′ of trailer space.


​For volume shipping we always compare at least 8-­10 carriers to find the lowest possible spot quote, best transit time and rate.


We manage every aspect of your shipment from your booking to delivery. We also provide real­time tracking technology to give your team full visibility along the way.

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The Benefits of Trifecta Direct

Customers can also take advantage of the Trifecta Direct option, which provides even more shipment solutions and benefits. By consolidating locally and moving freight directly to your customer’s dock, we can ship any size shipment anywhere in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

Competitive Rates

​Direct shipping offers a competitive rate and transit alternative when shipping 4 skids or more.

​No reweighs or reclassifications

​When shipping with a Trifecta Direct carrier, freight class does not apply. By paying for only space and weight you will avoid costly reclassifications and re­weighs.

​Taller and wider skids

​Get more space with the ability to ship pieces up to 108 inches in height and 100 inches in width.

More secure options

By shipping Trifecta Direct your product experiences less handling and transfers, reducing the risk of damages.

Trifecta Direct Options


​Protect machinery and electronics by using trucks with air ride shocks. Designed to absorb impact, shocks float cargo on a cushion of air throughout transit to protect sensitive materials.


​Keep your product exactly how and where you loaded it. Load to ride will ensure your product is not moved from the trailer it’s originally loaded on until it reaches the final destination.


​Anchor your shipment to the truck floor for better security and less movement in transit


Logistics trailers offer the flexibility to strap and secure freight in place anywhere in the trailer.

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