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The evolution of logistics strategy and planning has undergone a significant shift, transitioning from its traditional place on the dock-floor to now holding a central position in the boardroom. In the face of market uncertainties and fierce competition, companies are compelled to embrace agility, efficiency, and technological advancements to stay competitive. In this dynamic landscape, both straightforward and intricate supply chains demand absolute transparency, leading shippers to seek a unified platform for managing their logistics operations effectively.

A comprehensive and seamless Transportation Management System

The GlobalTranz TMS system offers a wide range of features, including robust track and trace capabilities and real-time freight analytics. This comprehensive system provides users with a comprehensive and centralized view, similar to a 'control tower,' that oversees shipments across various modes of transportation.

Unlock Capacity Without Boundaries

By utilizing the GlobalTranz shipper TMS, you can instantly connect with our extensive network comprising 85,000+ well-established truckload carriers and 75+ local, regional, and national LTL carriers.

Your Trusted Long-Term Logistics Companion

When you collaborate with us, you benefit from the support of a prominent leader in transportation management and logistics technology in North America.

Trifecta began with the simple vision to help customers make cost effective decisions while navigating the rules and regulations of the transportation industry.
Our experts communicate with customers to effectively plan and manage projects from start to finish. Today, Trifecta covers every customer need with specialized departments, industry leading technology, and trusted carrier partnerships.

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