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Trifecta Transport | Intermodal & Drayage

By leveraging our strong partnerships with intermodal rail carriers, cutting-edge technology, and a highly skilled team of logistics professionals, we have the capability to reduce your intermodal shipping expenses, eliminate supply chain bottlenecks, and offer comprehensive visibility throughout the entire process. These combined resources empower your business to advance and thrive.

Minimize Environmental Footprint

Intermodal transportation consumes significantly less fuel compared to truck shipping. With the substantial shipment volumes it handles, a single rail shipment can conserve approximately 100,000 gallons of diesel fuel when compared to truckload shipping.

Enhance Performance

In instances where market volatility, emerging regulations, or various external factors affect the availability of truckload capacity and rates, intermodal shipping provides the necessary flexibility to guarantee timely and cost-effective transportation of your goods.

Maximize Efficiency

Transporting intermodal freight loads over a distance of 500+ miles generally incurs a lower cost per pound compared to over-the-road shipping.

Trifecta began with the simple vision to help customers make cost effective decisions while navigating the rules and regulations of the transportation industry.
Our experts communicate with customers to effectively plan and manage projects from start to finish. Today, Trifecta covers every customer need with specialized departments, industry leading technology, and trusted carrier partnerships.

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