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Will We Have To Start Rationing Diesel On The East Cost?

02 June 2022 - by - in Industry News
4 gas pumps

4 gas pumps

Over the past several months, the entire nation has been experiencing rising gas prices and diesel is no exception. As gas prices continue to rise, many companies are considering a possible shortage and how to prepare for it. While experts believe rationing diesel may happen on the East Coast, it’s important to stay informed regarding the details and how this may affect your business. 

What’s Happening With Diesel On the East Coast?

According to the American Automobile Association, diesel gas prices reached a new record this month. At over $5.57 per gallon, these prices continue rising all over the country, especially along the East Coast. It’s easy to forget gasoline ships from other companies who often produce the petroleum products and then sell the gasoline across the country. If these production companies are experiencing a shortage of petroleum, then it’s likely a gas shortage will occur at some point. 

Carrier companies are also experiencing an issue because of the rising cost of diesel prices. Many of these companies are already struggling to keep up with the rising cost of gas. Dealing with truck shortages and rising gas prices could cause many companies to shift their plans for the future. 

Will We Need To Ration Diesel?

The big question remains whether we will need to ration diesel on the East Coast? Experts, such as the United Refined Company, believe it’s a possibility. Due to the gradual rising cost of gas prices, many diesel inventories are decreasing. The Department of Energy reports diesel inventory along the East Coast is especially low. Since this has not occurred since 1990, this issue is causing several companies to reconsider what it looks like for their business. 

When there is a possible gas shortage, it’s natural for fuel providers to consider the possibility of rationing fuel. That is exactly what some fuel companies are doing across the country. These companies are also closely watching the issue and carefully planning a backup plan in the case of further shortage. Again, the main cause for shortage could come from a supply issue overseas. Countries, including Europe that have benefited from Russian fuel supply, may no longer enjoy these benefits due to rising prices. The diesel companies in the United States may struggle to keep supplying other countries with fuel when we are experiencing a shortage ourselves. 

How Will This Affect Other Companies?

Will rising diesel prices and certain shortages affect other companies? As oil losses from Russia continue, this will affect other companies. However, it’s important for other companies that use substantial amounts of fuel to continue moving forward in their business. It’s also important for companies to know that rising diesel costs will probably affect their shipments. If you’re a business owner, you may experience air freight shipping or domestic shipping issues in your company. This can also hinder time shipping logistics for your business plans, especially when you’re waiting for other companies to deliver supplies and products. The good news is there are other ways to work around the gas shortages and possible diesel rations so you can move forward with your business plans. 

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