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Why Work Slow Down In Canada Will Affect The Supply Chain

23 May 2021 - by - in Industry News
A convoy of white semi-trucks travel down a deserted road

A convoy of white semi-trucks travel down a deserted road.

WA company in the shipping and receiving or production industry is important to continue running as normal. When one area of the business isn’t functioning properly, things can take a turn for the worst. Say one company goes on strike, that leaves a step in the supply chain out of commission—in essence, slowing the chain down.

COVID-19 Affects

Many of the borders were closed to travel during the COVID-19 pandemic. That was to ensure the safety and health of the residents in these countries. Now that borders are opening, and travel is beginning to ramp back up, some concerns are at hand. Canada, for one, is getting ready to have a slowdown in work due to the borders reopening. 

While it may not seem like a big deal to some people, it will have significant impacts on the supply chain. When businesses go on strike, shut down, or run on a minimal capacity, it affects many different aspects of the supply industry. This work slowdown doesn’t only affect Canada; it affects many other locations throughout the world as well. 

What Is A Work Slowdown?

A work slowdown and a strike are very similar, but still have their differences. A strike is pretty much a complete shutdown of workers putting in their time. Overall, it is much worse for the supply chain industry if workers go on strike, rather than a slowdown. 

When businesses decide to slow down work, the business is still running. The workers are there and abiding by all of their duties. But, not in the same capacity as they usually would. Only the essentials are being taken care of and nothing more than that. As the name states, it is a “slowdown” within the business. 

Why We Don’t Want This

The supply chain is an integral part of the production to all businesses around the work. When there is a hiccup in the system, it trickles down the line. With COVID-19, we have seen how a major shutdown can substantially affect the world. Toilet paper shortage, paper towel shortage, chip shortage, and much more. 

This doesn’t matter if you deal with air freight shipping, intermodal rail, or another way; a supply chain slowdown, shutdown, or strike has substantial effects on businesses of all kinds. Trucks sitting at the borders waiting to get in due to a slowdown only delays production for other businesses. The sooner an agreement is reached, the better it is for everyone. 

How Do Situations Get Resolved?

Okay, you have gone on strike, or a work slowdown; what now? When this happens, it is because you are trying to negotiate your opinions. You need certain situations, scenarios, and rules put in place for the greater of your business. Your business is taking a stand to get what they need. 

In their recent work slowdown, Canada took a little over a day and a half to negotiate all the details. There were meetings with Customs and ImmigrationUnion, Public Service Alliance, and the Treasury Board. In the process of resolving this issue though, there were already complaints being made of delays in supply for businesses. Every little detail of the supply chain makes a difference. 

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