News / White House: Starting The Work For The Next-Generation Workforce

White House: Starting The Work For The Next-Generation Workforce

06 April 2022 - by - in Industry News
A convoy of white semi-trucks travel down a deserted road

A convoy of white semi-trucks travel down a deserted road

Many private and government-run companies increase recruiting incentives for the logistics industry. In December of 2021, the White House announced that they fully support increasing truckers’ pay to encourage job satisfaction and employee growth. 

White House: Starting The Work For The Next-Generation Trucking Workforce

The pandemic continues to cause a spiral of issues in daily life. For example, the transportation industry suffered delays due to labor shortages in the workforce, which rippled into the shipping and trucking industry. Many companies endured weeks of record-breaking delays due to labor shortages which caused port congestion, manufacturing delays, and transport issues. The White House has created a plan to implement changes to counteract these issues. 

Trucking positions are not designed for everyone. With extended hours on the road, many truckers spend most of their lives away from loved ones, living a sedentary lifestyle and poor sleep hygiene. These traditionally fundamental concepts to a healthy lifestyle are challenges to draw employees to the trucking industry. Even with pay increases, many experts suggest that more changes need to promote real change. For example, truckers are generally paid per driving mile and not compensated for the time waiting to load or unload. This becomes especially problematic during port congestion, warehouse delays, and distribution center issues. 

The White House issued a statement back in December 2021, “These actions will support the ongoing economic recovery and lay the foundation for a next-generation trucking workforce that will strengthen U.S. competitiveness and support millions of good driving jobs for years to come.”

Research Concludes That Truckers Need to Be More Fairly Compensated 

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration added to the White House’s efforts by declaring that they will provide over $30 million to help accelerate the rate at which states issuance of Commercial Driver’s Licenses (CDLs). 

The White House stated, “Today, FMCSA is sending all 50 states a toolkit detailing specific actions they can take to expedite licensing and will work for hand in hand with states to address challenges. FMCSA will also begin closely tracking delays, identifying states with challenges with issuing CDLs and communicating with all 50 governors about ways to reduce delays in issuing CDLs.”

Many Companies Unite in Their Efforts to Recruit New Hires

In addition to increasing trucker compensation, many companies will continue to carry out in-depth studies to understand how much time is spent waiting to load and unload products. Appropriate compensation needs to be a top priority in this challenging climate. FMCSA, DOL, and bipartisan infrastructure package.

The Administration encourages the recruitment efforts, calling it the 90-day Apprenticeship Trucking Challenge run by DOT and DOL. Companies like Albertsons, EVO Trucking, Florida Rock and Tank, D.M. Bowman, Yellow Corp, Total Transportation, and CRST were the first out of many to commit to these efforts.  

The White House continued, “We will work with the Trucking Alliance and the American Trucking Associations, who will help engage their members on the value of a registered apprenticeship to support quality, safety, and retention.  

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