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Which is Harder To Find: Drivers or Trailers?

21 January 2022 - by - in Industry News
18 wheel trucks lined up

18 wheel trucks lined up

Manufacturers, supply chain managers, business owners, and shippers around the world are still feeling the supply headwinds facing the trucking industry. While the shortage of drivers has been in the news over the past two years, a lack of trailers is coming for the one-two punch. Understanding the reasons for this shortage and how it can impact your business can help you stay ahead of the problem. Here is some updated information on the driver and trailer shortages plaguing the industry. 

Why Is There A Trailer Shortage?

Numbers show that purchasing truckload carriers will be below the normal replacement level during 2021. Order books for new tractors and trailers extend well beyond manufacturers’ capabilities. This hurts the industry in two ways. First and foremost, the inability to meet the demand for new trailers leads to a supply shortage. Secondly, these manufacturers cannot meet the needs for trailer repairs when older trailers suffer damage or need replacement parts. 

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are unable to refresh equipment. The situation is so dire that experts believe this problem may not be resolved in 2022, meaning it may take until 2023 before real progress is made. 

Which Is Harder to Find: Drivers or Trailers?

It’s no secret; there has been a significant driver shortage. This aligns with the labor shortages plaguing every industry in the world. However, experts believe that the driver hiring issues have eased. While there is still a driver shortage relative to pre-pandemic times, it looks as though issues stemming from driver shortages could be resolved in the near future. 

Trucking executives say that multiple rounds of pay increases and sign-on bonuses, as well as enhanced benefits, have helped driver recruiting. Driver recruiting isn’t the only issue plaguing the industry regarding labor shortages. Difficulties finding workers throughout all levels, from maintenance techs to office employees, have burdened every company. As it stands, it’s difficult to answer which is more difficult to find between drivers and trailers, but the labor shortage has damaged the industry the most. 

What Are the Solutions

We already glossed over one of the solutions to the labor shortage; offering more pay and increasing benefits. Executives believe another solution could be lowering the mandatory age limit. As it stands, you need to be 21 years old to operate a truck. Lowering the age could not only help increase the labor pool, but it could improve driver safety. 

Regardless, it may be a while before the driver and trailer shortages ease up, making life difficult for business owners and managers. How can you stay afloat when shipping prices are through the roof? One solution: avoid supply chain disruptions altogether. The best way to do this is by staying local with your logistics. 

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