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What The Virus Variant Means For The Global Supply Chain

23 July 2021 - by - in Industry News
Hands holding a white card that reads "Pandemic #Covid19"

Hands holding a white card that reads “Pandemic #Covid19”

The world depends on a supply chain to accommodate businesses in having the supplies and merchandise they need. In order for a business to have everything they need, the supply chain needs to be running properly. When it isn’t, it causes a trickling effect down the line of problems and delays—a big bump in the road that recently happened, causing a Global supply chain problem, COVID-19. Now, everyone is dealing with the virus variant.

What Does This Mean?

The virus variant is proving to cause additional uproar for the supply chain, on top of the initial virus. Many companies are being left not knowing what to do or when they will get their inventory. There’s not one particular industry that is struggling. Shipping and receiving is something that almost all companies deal with. Everything from food, electronics, oil, iron, coal, and more is seeing the supply chain shortage’s impact on them.

This has put many companies in a bind. How can they stay afloat and continue business without the proper supplies that they need? Without an exact timeline to go by, it is very worrisome for many companies. Businesses are struggling to stay open.

Recent Occurrences Are Prolonging The Problem

The COVID pandemic hit the US around March of 2020. The world went into a sudden state of panic and was unsure of what it all meant at the time. Businesses shut down, schools closed, and people stayed home. As things began to open back up, many people thought they saw a glimmer of hope for their businesses.

Since then, the variant has popped up, and many countries are dealing with massive flooding. All of these occurrences have significantly impacted the supply chain due to shipping delays. Manufacturing companies need supplies and parts in order to fulfill their jobs. Without them, orders can’t be filled. Then you add in workers being out due to personally being ill, isolating due to a family member being sick, or being trace contacted.

Prices Are Climbing

Due to all of the disruptions in production and shipping, prices are rising, making it hard for people to get what they need. Materials that companies need were a mere fraction of what they cost to get now. The more it costs companies to get the supplies they need, the more it will cost you to get the supplies you need from them.

Exposures Lead To A Slow Down In Supply

Companies have employees to run the business. They each are trained and perform the jobs that they were hired to do. When you take one, two, or seven of those people out of the equation, it leaves a gap in the system. When it comes to the supply chain, there can begin to be problems seen when this happens.

As the virus variant reaches more people, more and more are being quarantined. If a section of your workplace gets put into quarantine due to a positive COVID employee, you are eliminating a whole team of employees who help your business run. That is how the virus is affecting the supply chain.

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