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Two Companies Are Shaping The Future of Freight

25 May 2023 - by - in Industry News
Two Companies Are Shaping The Future of Freight

Handshake over business deal.

The shipping industry is crucial to the global economy. It connects businesses, consumers, and communities worldwide. The industry is evolving, and so is how companies interact. The transportation and logistics industry needs communication, but collaboration has yet to be standard. Two forward-thinking companies are proving it is possible. 

An Unlikely Partnership

USA Truck and Convoy talked in Seattle at the beginning of the pandemic. Although they were both in the same industry, they knew they had different strengths that could help each other. USA Truck is better at moving freight, and Convoy is better at building systems and using data.

They knew the carrier market was fragmented but saw the opportunity to combine networks. Yet, they had to figure out how to work together without hurting each other’s businesses. They took time to build trust and get to know each other before forming a partnership.

A Joint Effort 

Convoy for Brokers is a joint effort between USA Truck and Convoy that offers freight brokers a platform and TMS integrations. The main benefits of this platform are efficient access to elastic capacity and expanded loads.

This collaboration took over a year of hard work and required a tight partnership between the team at USA Truck and Convoy. The goal was to create a solution to benefit carriers, shippers, and brokers.

Features And Benefits Of Convoy For Brokers

Through Convoy for Brokers, USA Truck can post loads to Convoy’s network and own the shipments as the broker of record. The platform automates carrier bids and includes GPS tracking and digital document management. It also handles carrier payout,  allowing the brokerage team to cover more loads. In turn, Convoy carriers enjoy the increase in load options provided by USA Truck.

Shippers want reliable capacity at a market rate and visibility into their freight. Convoy for Brokers makes this possible. The carriers available through Convoy are excellent, aligning with USA Truck’s business model.

Efficiency And Dependability In An Unpredictable Market

Convoy for Brokers is helping USA Truck in an unpredictable market. Shwetha Arya, senior program manager at Convoy, said they focused on efficient ways to post loads, automate carrier bidding, and rate confirmation with a button. They’re working on adding more features to make the brokerage process easier.

Tyler Brendle, director of operations at USA Truck, said that using traditional brokering methods to cover loads beyond 48 hours can be challenging. With the Convoy app, drivers can plan their loads for weeks, and bids can be accepted and confirmed within four minutes. USA Truck receives competitive offers from carriers several days in advance. This allows them to pre-book loads at those rates.

Carriers are giving USA Truck excellent feedback scores for loads booked through Convoy for Brokers. The app tracks each load and provides drivers with warehouse wait times. Brendle said that Convoy’s efficiency gains are a significant improvement. Carrier managers can reach a wider audience with less effort. This speeds up coverage time, increases options, and provides more data to the team. USA Truck sees opportunities for automation to provide a touchless interaction in the future.

Excitement And Innovation In The Carrier Market

USA Truck’s carrier sales team is excited about Convoy’s possibilities for Brokers. Over the past 24 months, USA Truck has seen record employee recruitment and retention, thanks partly to innovative initiatives like the Convoy partnership.

The Convoy partnership allowed team members to create something that hadn’t been done before in the industry. This has given employees a sense of purpose beyond coming in and doing their job. They have more freedom and resources to work on projects and create a legacy.

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