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Thefts of Computer Modules in Freightliners Continue

18 October 2022 - by - in Industry News
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If you own or manage a business, you’re constantly thinking about how every little thing will impact your business. Things that seem trivial to you, like thefts of computer modules, for example, can actually have a major impact on your bottom line. That’s right, the growing number of computer module thefts in freightliners can disrupt time-critical logistics, making your life much more difficult. 

Why Steal Computer Modules?

Unfortunately, computer modules have often been a target of thieves across the United States. That’s because they’re laden with trace amounts of platinum, palladium, and rhodium. These can sell for around $1,500 on the market and aren’t too difficult to rip from freightliners. 

For example, in April of this year, common powertrain controller (CPC4) modules were stolen from 24 trucks waiting to be sold at an auction yard in Pennsylvania. Other thefts have been reported at dealerships and customer terminals across the country. These vehicles can not operate without a CPC, which controls various engine and powertrain functions. 

What’s Being Done to Combat This?

There has been an effort to combat these thefts. Daimler Truck North America (DTNA) recently announced the launch of an initiative against the theft of CPC modules from its vehicles. Reports of thefts have been on the rise as thieves seek to reprogram the modules and install them on other trucks. Here are some of the anti-theft measures instituted by the DTNA in recent months:

  • A push to urge all customers and dealers to report stolen CPCs to both law enforcement and the DTNA
  • Recommending all dealerships, customers, and repair facilities cross-reference vehicle identification numbers from CPCs brought in for installation against the company’s database of CPCs to make sure the CPC hasn’t been stolen or purchased illegally
  • Offering tracking capability through the DTNA database to detect anyone trying to install a stolen CPC into a new vehicle
  • Urging all fleets and customers password-protect their CPCs

The DTNA is also working to collaborate with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to help investigate and eventually prosecute CPC thieves. They will also pursue any civil actions possible for software infringement against those involved in CPC theft and mismanagement. 

Is There Any Solace For Victims?

Having a CPC stolen from a vehicle will practically put any trucker out of commission while they wait for a new system. Fortunately, fleets and drivers who are affected by CPC theft can seek replacements from a DTNA-authorized distributor or dealership. The stolen modules can be replaced in fleet or dealer shops. 

“The theft of CPC modules is a crime that threatens the livelihood of customers and disrupts our dealers’ operations,” said Paul Romanaggi, chief customer experience officer at DTNA. “Daimler Truck North America is committed to doing everything in its power to protect our customers and dealers from this crime and will support prosecution of anyone found in participating in these thefts.”

How Does this Affect Your Business?

If you have time-critical logistics, you already understand how unpredictable the shipping industry can be. Adding another wrinkle into the fold in the form of computer module theft makes matters even more complicated. With so many trucks being knocked out of commission, your time-critical shipments could be in danger. 

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