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Tanker Imports: Can They Help Save Spiking Gas Prices?

30 June 2022 - by - in Industry News
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As gas prices continue soaring, many businesses are considering other avenues of transport in order to avoid shipping disruptions. Between driver shortages and truck fleet issues, companies worry rising gas prices place further strain on their finances. However, tanker imports may help shift things in their favor. If your company ships goods and materials, here’s what you need to know about tanker imports. 

What Is Going On With Gas Prices?

According to AAA experts, gas prices across the country continue to climb, reaching an average of well over $4.56. As the summer moves forward, gas prices are not expected to lower. High gas prices will continue rising and affect many shipping avenues, causing financial issues for many companies. The effect of high gas prices will keep impacting the American economy, generating an uphill battle with financial strain and material production. If more gasoline continues shipping to the East Coast, it may help lower gas prices. 

While experts predict that trucks will drive more this summer, the current U.S. inventory remains at a critical low point. Since the inventory is not being replenished, trucking fleets worry they will not have enough gas to meet their demands. However, tanker imports may begin shipping more gasoline to the East Coast, which may help save spiking gas prices. 

Can Tanker Imports Save Spiking Gas Prices? 

In order to meet the high demand of this driving season, the East Coast needs an excess of gasoline to build up their inventories and avoid a shortage. Additional gasoline from European sources would help elevate the inevitable gasoline shortage. However, according to the Jones Act, the U.S. must deal with domestic gasoline only by U.S. means. The good news is that experts believe the country may see a Jones Act Waiver in the coming weeks. Since the economy is feeling the effects of rising prices, a Jones Act Waiver may help save spiking gas prices and build up our inventories. 

While this sounds like a good idea, there are several things to consider. The U.S. would rely more on Latin America tanker imports to travel to the East Coast for gasoline shipments. The tanker travel from Latin America to the Atlantic Coast would take several more days, using more fuel. Another thing to consider is the factors that drive gas prices. Holiday driving and working from home are factors to consider. Less holiday travel and more people working from home could slow down the demand for gas and lower the gas prices. 

What Does This Mean For Your Business?

Whether you’ve noticed a shipping issue in your business or are concerned about gas prices, partnering with another company can help. Companies with experience in shipping management can help navigate shipping details and avoid product halts in your company. 

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