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Rail Strike Averted

06 January 2023 - by - in Industry News
rail strike averted

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A few months ago, many consumers and business owners were concerned the rail strike would threaten the economy into a recession. Rail union workers announced they would go on strike if rail companies did not meet their labor demands, which included more sick leave and vacation days. The situation escalated and Congress took action, leaving business owners and consumers wondering if the strike would occur. Fortunately, President Biden enacted the Railway Labor Act of 1926, allowing him to intervene and prevent the impending rail strike. 

What Is Happening With the Rail Strike?

There were several reasons rail union workers threatened to go on strike. Many rail workers felt they did not receive enough wages for the long hours and difficult labor. Secondly, they felt they needed more sick leave and vacation days to support the physical and mental strain of their jobs. President Biden and Congress worked together to create a new labor agreement, signed by themselves and the rail companies. It included a wage increase of 24% that workers will receive over the next five years, and an extra day of paid time off. However, this increase does not include paid sick leave for medical appointments. While Congress rarely involves itself in business matters, their invention saved the economy from a devastating collapse. 

Will Another Rail Strike Occur?

All consumers and business owners should remain aware of the dangers of the potential rail strike. Freight shipping is a major source of products and goods around the world, especially within the United States. Without Presidential intervention, the economy would have experienced a shipping halt, making it difficult to transport essential goods like oil. Since the Pandemic, many workers and business owners have suffered loss. Keeping up with business demands while losing workers means the remaining workers have to pick up the extra work. This leaves workers feeling mentally and physically exhausted. 

It’s uncertain whether another rail strike will occur in the short-term. However, anything can threaten domestic freight shipping services for both consumers and business owners. If rail companies keep losing workers, it means they may suffer revenue loss. While companies will probably do everything in their power to prevent a rail strike, it’s important to realize a strike is not impossible. 

What Does This Mean For Your Company?

Although Congress helped avert this rail strike, what does this mean for you and your company? If you own a business where you ship goods, it’s important to take measures to protect your company. A rail strike would likely trickle down through the economy, affecting multiple areas of commerce. One way you can avoid shipping delays or halts is to partner with other companies who can help you navigate shipping logistics so you can keep up business operations and meet customer needs. 

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