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Is B2B E-Commerce The Future?

09 June 2022 - by - in Industry News
B2B E-Commerce

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Do you use e-commerce for your business needs? More businesses today are turning to this platform for order fulfillment and more. While this may seem helpful in the short-term, there are some disadvantages in the long run. If you are considering e-commerce for your business, there are some things to think about for the future of your business and the economy. 

Why B2B Businesses Use E-Commerce 

In the B2B world, more businesses are exploring how the e-commerce platform can benefit them. The e-commerce platform can help launch many online businesses and connect them with other partners, extending business reach and promoting growth. While experts suggest businesses invest in e-commerce technology, some companies are considering alternatives. According to BigCommerce reports, almost 60% of B2B businesses are moving forward with e-commerce platforms that offer better security, monitoring of sales, and shopping experiences. However, these businesses may move quicker than their customers. 

Some customers are not ready for complete online shopping options. Certain groups of people may welcome the change, while others will struggle to adjust. E-commerce platforms limit the engagement of interaction by replacing it with artificial intelligence bots, making the shopping experience frustrating for some customers. 

E-Commerce and the Trucking Industry

B2B businesses aren’t the only companies affected by e-commerce platforms. These platforms also impact the trucking industry. The growth and demand of home deliveries has increased the demand for trucks. Trucking companies have expanded their options for drivers and offered higher pay in some cases. These options vary in each company, causing fluctuations in the trucking industry. 

The growth of e-commerce has caused competition within companies as they offer better compensation packages to keep their drivers. E-commerce companies often offer shorter routes and better pay. The freight driver shortages continue as companies struggle to keep their drivers from moving to other companies. E-commerce demands cause an increase in warehouse needs and more freight shipping demands. Drivers who move toward e-commerce companies may contribute to the shortage in their effort to choose better options for their families. 

Is B2B E-commerce the Future?

Perhaps you’re wondering if B2B e-commerce is the future. The truth is, as more businesses move toward online functions and customer interactions, the more they will adapt to the technology. About 57% of businesses, who reported their e-commerce experiences, increased their technology use. These business intelligence tools are a key factor in improving customer growth and experiences. 

According to BigCommerce, B2B businesses will continue increasing their sales through e-commerce platforms. As they do, sales may increase to over $1.8 trillion by next year. Although these companies using e-commerce still have a long way to go in their adaptation of technology, their sales will continue growing. Focusing on technology investments will grow businesses and hopefully improve the experiences customers have with them. 

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