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Intermodal Truckers Won Against Ocean Carriers

07 March 2023 - by - in Industry News
Intermodal truckers Won Against ocean carriers

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The ongoing shipping issues are not something new. This is especially true concerning intermodal railroad shipping issues. For the past several months, intermodal truck drivers and their companies have struggled with hauling containers to and from the ports. The issue is not necessarily a worker shortage, but rather an agreement issue between ocean carriers and chassis providers. According to experts at the Federal Maritime Commission, these agreements do not comply with the United States Shipping Act. The violation has encouraged intermodal trucking companies to find their own chassis carriers to better serve their customers. 

What Is Happening Between Intermodal Truckers and Ocean Carriers?

Over the past several months, intermodal truckers and ocean carriers were struggling to reach an agreement regarding container transport. Some cities affected included Los Angeles, Chicago, Memphis, and Savannah. This caused a halt in some shipping circumstances and a delay, among others. The Intermodal Motor Carriers Conference (IMCC) filed a lawsuit back in 2020 against a chassis operator and several ocean carriers. It seems the issue began with foreign-owned shipping lines, which caused drivers and motor carriers in America to use designated shipping equipment. This rule contributed to moving delays with goods and raised costs for carriers and consumers. 

Experts say the Ocean Carriers Equipment Management Association (OCEMA) and Consolidated Chassis Management LLC (CCM) were included in the 2020 lawsuit since they managed the chassis issue for several months. Both companies have not commented on the issue, even after some truckers reported the lack of freedom in chassis companies. Intermodal truckers commented that these companies have been using third-party owners for chassis leasing. 

Will More Freedom Increase Shipping Times?

Intermodal truckers want more freedom to choose their chassis leasing companies. This freedom should allow them to increase their shipping speed and decrease more costs for their companies and consumers. Some contracts between intermodal truckers and ocean carriers have cost over $1 million dollars for trucking companies. This created a bigger issue between the companies as they had to delay some shipments to resolve the issue. Intermodal truckers want more freedom to choose the leasing companies they want according to costs and time management. 

Can Companies Expect Shipping Issues to Resolve Soon?

The administration at DirectLink Inc, a large chassis equipment provider, believes that delegating specific chassis companies does not violate the United States Shipping Act. They also believe having a specific company is not an irresponsible request by intermodal truckers. However, the issue needs to reach an agreement soon to avoid negative effects on cargo flow. Companies are expected to resolve the issue soon and get cargo moving quickly again. 

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