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Driver Shortages

01 May 2022 - by - in Industry News
driver shortages

Gas pricing rising and driver shortages are continuing to be a problem.

The nation’s economic struggle continues as gas prices rise and driver shortages continue. While we hoped transportation would pick up a few months ago, prices at the pump significantly increased. Now, the issue is more trucks and not enough drivers. Here’s a look at what’s going on and what you need to know for your business decisions. 

Why Are We Experiencing Driver Shortages? 

The trucking industry has ups and downs, just like many other businesses. This is because of the natural fluctuation in product supply and demand. When businesses hear the term “driver shortage,” they understandably panic. Time critical shipping concerns can cause more stress. 

What exactly is going on? 

A few years ago, the trucking industry experienced a capacity shortage, and it seems this is happening once again. A capacity shortage happens when there aren’t enough trucks to transport materials. Here are a few reasons there is a lack of trucks. 

First, truck driving jobs are not easy. The hours are long and many people search for other alternatives first. This means trucking companies have to wait to move their products if they don’t have enough drivers. 

A second reason is there is an increase in products, which may cause air freight shipping delays to other locations. If companies are waiting on their deliveries so they ship them, other companies experience the wait times, too. 

Driver Shortages and Your Business

While many people feel there are driver shortages around the country, this may not be the case. Yes, certain trucking companies may experience driver shortages from time to time because of the job demands. A company can also experience driver shortages when they receive a large product increase, as mentioned above. 

Thinking differently about “driver shortages” can help relieve some stress in your business. It really means that a company may have too many trucks without enough products to fill them. This can feel stressful for your business when you’re waiting on products and are in the dark about why the products have not arrived. However, businesses should not worry about an industry-wide shortage. There are other solutions to help your business get your products when you need them. 

Will This Issue Continue?

When we think and talk about driver shortage issues, it will help if we think more broadly about the term. If we know the issue is not necessarily industry wide, but with individual companies, we can better understand how the shortage happens. Since the supply and demand of products and employees will always change, we know companies will have driver shortages from time to time. Businesses can help reduce the stress of this issue on their companies by researching other solutions for their business. 

Trifecta Transport Can Help

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We are a company that uses our knowledge and experience to help businesses navigate shipping issues and help them manage their projects. Our experience as a leader in the industry provides our customers with peace of mind as they learn how to choose the best shipping options for their business. 

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