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Can Carriers Keep Their Fleets Running in 2022?

26 February 2022 - by - in Industry News
a man and a woman loading packages onto a dolly for a logistics company

a man and a woman loading packages onto a dolly for a logistics company

It’s not uncommon for surges to happen throughout the year. Retail tends to surge from Thanksgiving to the middle of January due to the winter holidays. Food and beverage sales typically ramp up around the 4th of July. However, 2021 brought some very unexpected circumstances. Every sector has experienced a year-long surge. We have to ask now: can carriers keep their fleets running in 2022 despite these surges?

Can Carriers Keep Their Fleet Running in 2022?

With the influx of reliance on e-commerce the market continues to get pounded as port bottlenecks slow the process and snowball with manufacturing shortage issues still unresolved. Some experts believe the first month of the year will give a better idea of what is expected during 2022. Post-peak season will look very different this year as it usually slows down after the holidays. Many consumers decrease their spending after the holidays, but with the market being in the condition it is in and the Omicron variant causing worker shortages, this year could have many more surprises in store. Experts hope the decrease in consumerism post holiday will bring some relief. 

During the middle of the year, carriers are expected to take a delivery of delayed equipment which some expected it to loosen the supply tension. While most carriers will plan for this decrease in demand, they should anticipate how they will stay busy if the market slows down. One way to do this is to expand your opportunities to acquire more loads at any point in time. 

Emerge is establishing direct communication between shippers and carriers. This gives carriers a greater opportunity to build relationships with more shippers and increase the value of freight regardless of volume. By vetting carriers, Emerge increases capacity and allows carriers to take their freight to new heights. Carriers that were not used to accessing Fortune 500 freight now get the opportunity to do so. 

Emerge carrier platform allows for the following:

  • Direct bigging of contracts and spot lanes.
  • Shippers in all sizes, even well known companies like Albertsons and Office Depot. 
  • Free for all Carriers

Though peak season continues, it is in the best interest of carriers if they begin to consider what’s next. After the season dies down it’s important to anticipate your next moves to keep your operations running optimally. Especially after the past year we have all experienced it’s best to stay one step ahead to avoid unnecessary hardship. Creating the right strategy and aligning with a promising partnership has the potential to keep a business busy and far from failure. 

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