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California’s Next Target is Refrigerated Trucks

04 April 2023 - by - in Industry News
California's Next Target is Refrigerated Trucks

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Prior to the 2020 Pandemic, many companies, including trucking fleets, have been searching for new ways to save money and increase production. Since the recent Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), many companies are focusing on ways to produce clean energy to comply with the bill and claim tax credits. California is no exception with their new refrigerated truck target. Meeting these new regulations may happen toward the end of the year in several parts of the state. 

California Is Focusing On Refrigerated Trucks

Ndustrial, a company established in 2011, is focusing on new ways to increase sustainability in the trucking industry. Their priority is on trailer refrigerator units (TRUs) that will maintain cold temperatures in transportation. Experts at Ndustrial report they are focusing on more intensive ways to increase energy production with TRUs. However, these TRUs must comply with California’s Clean CFleets regulations to increase zero-emission vehicles and reduce carbon usage. The goal is to use only these vehicles by 2029. 

Jason Massey, Ndustrial’s CEO, says that all TRU vehicles have to register with the state of California and meet specific regulations. Massey says the addition of TRUs is similar to the usage of shore power that will focus on using electricity. TRUs will contain a cord installation that will connect to a loading dock to draw shore power to keep items cold within the unit. This action will help the company reduce carbon emissions and save on fuel expenses. If other trucking companies adopt this model, they will also need to consider ways to reduce emissions and how to budget for initial costs. 

What Does This Mean For the Trucking Industry?

It’s unclear right now whether other states will target the use of refrigerated trucks in transportation. It seems California is a leader in TRUs, and according to experts, about 12 other states are considering this idea. Another consideration regarding TRUs is the importance of building new equipment that will comply with the regulations. There is also the matter of parking and charging the TRUs when they are not in use. One reason using TRUs is so important for other companies is the credits these companies receive from investors. Lineage Logistics, one of Ndustrial’s largest investment companies, invested several million dollars for Ndustrial’s TRU technology. The Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) provides a credit trading system for companies who reach emission targets. One way to receive these credits is to use TRUs powered by shore power. Companies like Ndustrial are still working out the logistics of using TRUs and the best way to power them to meet regulations. Experts believe other companies in the nation may follow soon. 

How Will Refrigerated Trucks Help Other Companies?

Trailer refrigeration units (TRUs) are very important to the trucking industry. As they house and transport a variety of cold items, these units are essential for many companies in transportation. They increase the sustainability of products and can provide more reliability in the trucking industry. However, if more companies move toward using TRUs, some fleets may experience a halt in transportation and shipping. Companies should prepare for alternate means of shipping as a backup plan in case trucking fleets experience a halt. 

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