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Are Crude Exports At All-time High?

22 July 2022 - by - in Industry News
several 100 dollar bills

several 100 dollar bills

The nation has been experiencing rising gas and oil prices and it doesn’t look like it’s changing any time soon. While gas prices in the U.S. may continue rising, energy exports are also seeing a boost. Are crude exports at an all-time high, and what does this mean for companies?

Are Crude Exports At All-time High?

According to experts, crude oil tankers are experiencing the highest volumes they have seen over the past few months. Although jet and gasoline fuel exports are lower because of a decrease in sea travel, crude oil tanker exports are still going strong. Many refineries that produce gasoline are operating at lower speeds and struggling to maintain their already low inventories. This issue is contributing to the rise in gas prices across the country. Since these refineries do not have the capacity to meet the growing gasoline demand, we could see an upward spike in prices during the coming months. 

Experts are debating some popular questions as to whether we should export certain commodities because of high prices. While crude exports are doing better than ever, gasoline and diesel continue in high demand. 

What’s Happening With the U.S. Exports?

What’s happening with crude exports and high gasoline prices poses the question of what’s actually happening with U.S. exports right now. It’s no secret that the Russian/Ukraine war is bringing disruption of both exports and imports in many countries. Recently, the decision to stop Russian product tanker imports led to a rise in U.S. exports to Europe. If European countries are not accepting Russian products, that means the U.S. will need to fill in the gaps. While the U.S. is releasing more petroleum to Europe, that means crude oil tanker exports will also rise. This trading shift between the U.S. and Europe could strengthen trades and increase resource nationalism in the U.S. and other countries. 

What Does This Mean For Other Companies?

Companies who heavily rely on air freight shipping, domestic freight, or other shipping services, should monitor the crude export situation. Gasoline and oil prices have a global connection to the production in other countries. So, if there is a shortage or a potential ban on crude exports, it could mean another rise in prices. That being said, it’s important for companies to partner with other companies that will help them navigate shipping issues and create a successful business plan. 

Companies should remain cautious of shipping methods that could create further delay in production. A potential ban could also lead to product shortages, and is something companies should prepare for and develop an alternative plan. Creating partnerships with other transportation companies may help businesses find alternative means of shipping. 

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