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Are California Ports Filling Up Again?

14 September 2022 - by - in Industry News
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California port with many cargo boxes

Shipping delays, fuel prices, and driver shortages, are still occurring in the U.S. along the West Coast. After a shipping crisis last year, the Biden administration approved fees on these cargo holds to move them along to their destination. Even in the wake of these fees and a more normal return to operations, California ports continue to hold numerous cargo containers. 

Are California Ports Filling Up Again?

We all know that getting back to normal after the 2019 Pandemic has been tough. While many businesses have experienced financial issues and product reduction rates, shipping ports are no exception. As containers sit along ports such as California, along the West Coast, businesses feel the frustration of not fulfilling orders. This problem looks like it may continue for a while. 

Over the past several months, the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports in California have been dealing with increased cargo waiting times. At one point, it seemed port authorities had found a solution for the congestion. However, reports show an increase of containers of holds of over 31%, according to experts. Although implementing fees was meant to clear away the congestion and get things moving again, the National Shipping Advisory feels it may not help the issue. 

Why Are California Ports Holding Containers?

While it may seem that shipping ports in California are holding containers, there are several factors at play here. In some cases, numerous containers are waiting in trucks for more than a week before they reach the ports. Also, containers may have to wait on the rail side as they wait for the next pickup. Reports show that containers moving by rail are fewer than in the past and that is the cause for the massive congestion.

If containers are waiting for rail loading for several days, the congestion builds with an increase of more containers. The numbers will keep increasing if rail cargo doesn’t pick up speed. If rail cargo production picks up, it may free up more congestion with shipping ports. 

What Does This Mean For Businesses?

If you ship any product for your business, then you’re probably experiencing the same supply issues everyone else is experiencing. Perhaps you’re wondering why you’re not receiving the supplies and products you need for your customers and your business. If so, you are not alone. 

It’s important for business owners to keep up with the current shipping issues so they can make the best decisions for their company. Partnering with other companies to help you understand and navigate shipping concerns can help you save time and money. Many companies have experience choosing different shipping options that are more beneficial for company needs. 

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