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$40B Worth of Cargo Still Waiting Offshore

07 September 2022 - by - in Industry News
cargo on a large ship

cargo on a large ship

As consumers and business owners continue dealing with shipping delays and increased fuel prices, many of them wonder how long this will continue. While some companies are dealing with trucking fleet issues, others are experiencing delayed shipping because of cargo holds offshore. Many people aren’t aware of the extensive cargo holds that are waiting offshore along the East,West, and Gulf Coast ports. 

How Much Cargo Is Still Waiting Offshore?

Shipping queues along the three U.S. coastlines continue to rise in the wake of the new post-pandemic routines. According to experts, such as tracking data from MarineTraffic, there is still a substantial amount of cargo waiting off North American ports. While areas in California reported the most cargo over the past several months, Georgia is now dealing with increased congestion. Reports show that a combined total of over 1 million cargo containers are holding in U.S. and British Columbian ports. 

National averages continue soaring in East and Gulf Coast queues, rising well over 3,400,000 TEUs (twenty equipment units). Experts predict this number will only increase this year. Additionally, the backlog of cargo along the West Coast is still rising, although it’s not as large as those along the East and Gulf Coasts. If this continues, the numbers may increase to about $40 billion worth of cargo just waiting offshore. 

Why Are There Continued Cargo Holds?

It’s becoming increasingly harder to ignore the cargo holds along the East, West, and Gulf Coast ports. What exactly is going on and why is there cargo still waiting offshore? It’s no secret that the world-wide Pandemic has led to shipping delays and halts, along with employee shortages. Increased fuel prices and port closures have also contributed to cargo holds. Long-dwelling containers along these ports could pose additional issues for thousands of companies world-wide unless companies implement another solution. Many of these cargo holds are happening because of rail shipping issues, especially in Los Angeles. Last month, over 60% of rail-bound containers remained in the queue for over a week. 

How Will This Affect Future Businesses?

No one knows for certain how long cargo holds will continue along these three ports, or when these ports will return to normal operations. Therefore, it’s important for companies to find alternative shipping options so they can maintain their business operations and service their customers well. 

Whether you’re using domestic shipping, intermodal rail, or another shipping option, you may still deal with cargo holds. The current cargo hold situation can interrupt the daily flow of your business and also affect your customers. However, there are solutions that can help you handle shipping delays, manage your schedule, and save time and money. 

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