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Make informed, cost­-effective logistics decisions with our next-generation technology and highly accessible logistics experts.

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GTZShip, the most robust technology in the industry, to quote, book, track shipments and give your team full visibility for management and reporting.

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Leverage an industry-leading carrier network and benefit from highly experienced teams on standby to help guide you towards cost-effective logistics decsions. Effectively manage your projects from start to finish with next-generation technology, expert specialty departments and reliable communication.

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"We ship all over the country all types of freight and Trifecta manages all our shipping needs as they are dependable, reliable, trustworthy, and great to work with. A solid team with lots of experience and I would recommend them if you are looking for a one stop shop they can handle all your needs."

Paul Sweeney, Dennis East International

"In addition to handling everything start to finish for my company’s trade show/exhibition freight, their staff are always a level above in terms of service and reach beyond what I could have expected any freight company to do for us."

Erik Olsen, United Food Group

"My company ships daily and some of my customers can be very unforgiving. A lack of follow up and follow through are the biggest problems I’ve had with freight brokers. With Trifecta, I know I can rest easy. They’ve always come through for me, with a quality that’s unmatched."

Mark Knepper, Power Plus Products

Trifecta began with the simple vision to help customers make cost effective decisions while navigating the rules and regulations of the transportation industry.
Our experts communicate with customers to effectively plan and manage projects from start to finish. Today, Trifecta covers every customer need with specialized departments, industry leading technology, and trusted carrier partnerships.

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