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Lawrence Freight Announced Pay Increase

30 March 2022 - by - in Industry News

A Virginia-based company called Lawrence Freight announced its plans to increase truckers’ pay this year. Located in Roanoke, Virginia, the…

Mexico Continues To Struggle With Truck Driver Shortage

24 March 2022 - by - in Industry News

The global supply chain and worker shortages continue to cause ripple effects throughout the economy. The pandemic effects are still…

Supreme Court Blocks Mandatory Vaccine For Large Businesses

17 March 2022 - by - in Industry News

Over the last year there has been so much speculation about vaccine requirements amongst large corporations. As of January 13,…

Which is Harder To Find: Drivers or Trailers?

21 January 2022 - by - in Industry News

Manufacturers, supply chain managers, business owners, and shippers around the world are still feeling the supply headwinds facing the trucking…